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Matterport, Inc., a spatial data company, focuses on digitization and datafication of the built world. The company offers Matterport Capture Services, a fully managed solution for enterprise subscribers; Smartphone Capture, a smartphone capture solution for both iOS and Android; Matterport Pro3, a 3D camera that scans properties; Matterport Pro2, a 3D camera that captures spaces; and 360 Cameras. It also provides Matterport Axis, a motorized mount that can be used with the Matterport Capture app to capture 3D digital twins of any physical space with increased speed, precision, and consistency. It offers solutions for residential and commercial real estate, facilities management and retail, AEC, insurance and repair, and travel and hospitality. Matterport, Inc. is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. Læs mere
$ 560M Markedsværdi (Mcap)
$ 158M Omsætning
Software - Application Industri
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