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Monsenso A/S develops and sells digital health solution for the treatment of mental disorders. It offers Smartphone app for individuals help them in the areas of self-assessments, sensor data collection, questionnaires, triggers/warning signs, medication compliance, visualizations and motivational feedback, psychoeducation, customizable framework to add articles, and cognitive behavioral therapy, as well as integration with select wearables; and Smartphone app for careers help them for individual overview, individual assessment, and comments. The company also provides clinical web portal for clinicians enable users for the overview and patient-specific dashboard, historical overview, correlation analysis, triggers/warning signs, medication compliance, and notes/medical record keeping; and data analytics for clinicians for historical aggregation of health and behavioral data, statistical descriptors, correlation between behavioral data and illness progression, pattern analysis, predictive analytics and mood forecasting, and risk assessment. It serves patients, clinicians, researchers, and carers. The company was founded in 2013 and is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Læs mere
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