Jyske Bank A/S 475,40
Jyske Bank A/S provides a range of financial solutions to personal and corporate clients in Denmark, Gibraltar, and Germany. It operates through Banking Activities, Mortgage Activities, and Leasing Activities segments. The Banking Activities segment provides advisory services relating to traditional financial solutions to personal and private banking clients, as well as corporate clients; and trades in interest-rate products, currencies, equities, commodities, and derivatives. The Mortgage Activities segment offers financial solutions for the financing of real property to Danish personal clients, corporate clients, and subsidized rental housing. The Leasing Activities segment provides leasing and financing services for car, and equipment to Danish personal and corporate clients, as well as dealer cooperation schemes and partnerships. The company was incorporated in 1917 and is headquartered in Silkeborg, Denmark. Læs mere
Kr. 30,6B Markedsværdi (Mcap)
Kr. 13,9B Omsætning
Banks - Regional Industri
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