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Rovsing A/S develops, manufactures, and delivers systems for functional and electrical testing of spacecrafts and their payloads in Europe and internationally. It offers satellite and payload check-out systems for complete satellite or satellite subsystem testing; on-board software solutions, such as command and control systems, user interfaces, and advanced monitoring systems; and ground support software solutions, as well as simulation and evaluation software solutions. The company also provides independent software verification and validation services for the European unmanned cargo module ATV that is used to bring goods to the International Space Station and docking with it automatically; and on-site engineering support services, such as software engineering, project management, quality assurance and configuration management, and system operation and maintenance, as well as assembly, integration, and validation services. It serves European and the United States based space groups and European space agencies. The company was formerly known as SSBV-Rovsing A/S and changed its name to Rovsing A/S in October 2016. Rovsing A/S was incorporated in 1992 and is headquartered in Glostrup, Denmark. Læs mere
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