Napatech A/S 17,75
Napatech A/S provides reconfigurable computing solutions for the network management and cybersecurity applications worldwide. The company offers Link Capture Software that enables packet capture with nanosecond timestamping and replay with precise inter-frame gap control; Link Inline Software, which provides a processing architecture that offloads and accelerates flow aware application data planes; Link Virtualization Software that offloads and accelerates the Open vSwitch data plane to enhance CPU efficiency and network performance; and Link Programmable, which enables end users and OEMs to deploy FPGA computation solutions on SmartNIC platform, as well as Link-Assure professional services. It also provides solutions for telecom operators, cloud and data center service providers, and infrastructure and defense, as well as financial services, cyber security, network management, and virtualization. The company was incorporated in 2003 and is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Læs mere
Kr. 1,6B Markedsværdi (Mcap)
Kr. 159M Omsætning
Communication Equipment Industri
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