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DFDS A/S provides logistics solutions in Denmark and internationally. The company operates through Ferry and Logistics divisions. The Ferry division operates ferry routes in and around Europe transporting freight units, primarily trailers and passengers, as well as offers port terminal services. This division provides ferry services primarily to forwarders and hauliers, as well as manufacturers of heavy industrial goods, such as automotive, forest and paper products, metals, and chemicals; and operates passenger ships for passengers with own cars, mini cruises, business conferences, and tour operators. The Logistics division provides transport solutions for full- and part loads; contract logistics solutions, including warehousing; and side port and container ships. This division serves manufacturers of industrial goods and consumables, as well as retailers. The company operates 36 freight ferries, 16 freight and passenger ferries, 4 cruise ferries, and 14 container and side port ships. DFDS A/S was founded in 1866 and is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Læs mere
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