Danish Aerospace Company A/S 3,72
Danish Aerospace Company A/S designs, develops, and manufactures medical monitoring and exercise equipment worldwide. It offers portable pulmonary function systems for use in the areas of respiratory, cardiovascular, and metabolic physiology; cycle ergometer with vibration isolation and stabilization system, a recumbent bicycle that provides aerobic exercise for the harmful physiological effects of exposure to microgravity; European enhanced exploration exercise devices; space shuttle ergometer; flight ergometer, the next generation space ergometer; and respiratory monitoring systems-II equipment, a photo- and magnetoacoustic multi-gas analyzer for performing non-invasive cardiovascular and pulmonary measurements. The company also provides European gas delivery system, a specially developed gas cylinder used for calibration and measurement of equipment and/or as breathing gases for use in space; and advanced respiratory monitoring systems. Danish Aerospace Company A/S was founded in 1988 and is based in Odense, Denmark. Læs mere
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