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Atea ASA Aktien

Atea ASA supplies IT infrastructure and related solutions for businesses and public sector organizations in the Nordic countries and Baltic regions. The company provides hardware and software solutions for storing and managing information, as well as tools for virtualization, automation, and security for operating the data center environment; client hardware, software, and services to the requirements of users, applications, security, networks, and computing environments. It also offers hardware and software solutions for running networks, and services to help customers manage their communications; and a range of products to enable collaboration through conferencing, information sharing, and digital productivity solutions. In addition, it provides Device as a Service to various concepts, such as videoconferencing, digital signage, and networks. Atea ASA was founded in 1968 and is headquartered in Oslo, Norway. Læs mere
Kr. 14,8B Markedsværdi (Mcap)
Kr. 34,7B Omsætning
IT Industri
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