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Abliva AB (publ), a pharmaceutical company, engages in the research and development of mitochondrial medicine. The company is developing KL1333 that is in Phase I clinical trials for the chronic treatment of primary mitochondrial diseases; NV354, which is in the preparation for clinical trials for the treatment of primary mitochondrial diseases with Complex I deficiency; and NeuroSTAT for traumatic brain injury. It has collaboration agreements with Isomerase, Yungjin Pharm, University of Pennsylvania, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Patheon, and Oroboros Instruments. The company was formerly known as NeuroVive Pharmaceutical AB (publ) and changed its name to Abliva AB (publ) in May 2020. Abliva AB (publ) was incorporated in 2000 and is headquartered in Lund, Sweden. Læs mere
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