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Studsvik AB (publ) develops, sells, and delivers various technical solutions to the nuclear and radiological sectors in Sweden, rest of Europe, Asia, and North America. It offers consultancy and engineering services, including radioactive waste repositories management, radiation safety and protection, nuclear decommissioning and dismantling, environmental, safety analysis, licensing, and strategy planning services, as well as engineering, design, and analysis services. The company also provides fuel and materials technology services comprising fuel qualification, plant life management, hot cell technology, final storage research, and transport of irradiated materials; and customer support services. In addition, it offers a range of products, such as The Excavator Mounted Bucket Assay System designed to assay and determine the radiological contents of excavator bucket; Freeze-Tec for waste management issues; Fluid Bed Steam Reforming for waste treatment; CASMO5, a lattice physics code for modeling power-dependent limits (PWR) and thermal limits (BWR) fuel; HELIOS-2, a generalized-geometry lattice physics code; and SIMULATE5, a 3D multi-group nodal code for the analysis of PWRs and BWRs. Further, the company provides SIMULATE-3K, a two-group nodal code for analysis of PWRs and BWRs; XIMAGE, a graphical fuel management and loading pattern optimization suit; S3R that enables cycle-specific core modeling on the training simulator; GARDEL, an online core monitoring suite with built-in reactivity management tools; MARLA, a tool for planning and optimizing BWR fuel shuffles; and SNF, which calculates isotopic concentrations, radiation source terms, and decay heat of spent PWR and BWR fuel. The company was formerly known as Studsvik Energiteknik AB and changed its name to Studsvik AB (publ) in 1987. Studsvik AB (publ) was founded in 1947 and is headquartered in Nyköping, Sweden. Læs mere
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