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Scape Technologies A/S, a robotics company, develops and sells bin-picking systems based on 3D computer vision. It provides SCAPE software for handling random, structured, and semi-structured parts; SCAPE Bin-Picker tool for collection, controlling, and placing of subcomponents and parts; SCAPE Bin-Picking Manager, a software which handles recognition and picking of parts; SCAPE Communication Server, which enables communication of robot movements and status between SCAPE controller and robot controller; and SCAPE Calibration Manager, an application used for configuring all the units in a work cell. The company also offers SCAPE Part Training Studio, an application for training new parts based on a CAD files; software for structured and random parts; SCAPE Tool Units and Grippers; SCAPE 3D Scanner Recognition solutions; SCAPE Automatic Self Test and Cast Station for verifying the calibration of sensors and functionality of grippers; SCAPE 3D Orientation Control, which helps to handle parts for precision delivery for further processes; SCAPE Controller PC used to run with SCAPE software and hardware modules; and SCAPE Hardware Module solutions. In addition, it offers solutions for gripping and sorting packets and letters for distribution for logistic markets. Scape Technologies A/S was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Odense, Denmark. Læs mere
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