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Kahoot! ASA operates a game-based learning platform in the United States, Canada, Europe, the Asia Pacific, the Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, and India. The company's platforms help to create, share, and host learning sessions. It offers Kahoot! Learning platform for learning and engagement services; employee engagement and learning platforms, such as Actimo and Motimate; Drops, a language learning app for visuals and play; Kahoot! DragonBox app for math learning; and Kahoot! Poio Read app, which empowers children to learn to read through play. The company also provides Kahoot! Academy, a knowledge platform, online community, and marketplace, which allows educators and publishers to join and create learning communities, as well as provides parents and learners with access to learning content from the educators; Kahoot! 360 Spirit, a collaborative platform for organizations that seek to connect teams and individuals; Kahoot! EDU support program, a site license for schools and districts; and Whiteboard.fi, an online whiteboard that provides learning tools for educators, teachers, and classrooms. In addition, it offers Kahoot! Zoom App platform for engagement and learning to virtual meetings and events; and Clever, a single sign-on digital learning platform for teachers and students. The company has approximately 2 billion participating players in approximately 200 countries. Kahoot! ASA was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Oslo, Norway. Læs mere
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